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Creative Hearts Seek

An Evening of Prayer, Worship & Word

Photo by Alexis Maye

This weekend was such a holy moment, set apart for God’s glory. 


We hosted our first in-person Creative Hearts Seek evening of prayer, worship, & word. God poured out over us, rekindling our fire, stirring our faith, and mandating us to be the glory carriers in our generations, ones who sustain the seek & pursuit of His presence. Receiving this glory that radiates in everything we do and everywhere we go. Reflecting glory in our businesses, in our ministries, our homes, our lives. Calling us to draw near and come close. Face to Face and Friend to Friend. We responded. We are the radiate ones and we are sustaining the seek. As a daughter, God just sealed so much in me. I’m forever ruined, marked by this moment. 


When we launched Creative Hearts in 2021, it was a live virtual hangout online for us to hear from dynamic Kingdom entrepreneurs who’d share/pour back into creatives. What I didn’t know is that the Lord would expand what He’d called us to steward into something so much more. 

I’m so in awe of the Lord’s goodness and so deeply thankful for His great Love. 

Thank you Jesus! Oh Lord you are so sweet and so wonderful. I pray that the Lord continues to stir us & that we see His miracles, signs, and wonders follow us as we make room for Him, hosting His presence and carry out revival In Jesus name. 

Photo by Jasmin Ne on Unsplash.jpeg

Special Thanks to The Lisby’s for hosting us in their beautiful abode & sanctuary of a home. To Renee, my dear friend & sister for taking care of every single detail of hospitality with such excellence and care, to Kyle for being our minstrel for the evening bring heaven down to earth as stirred the atmosphere with such a pure worship, to Alexis for capturing this evening sweetly, intentionally, beautifully, gracefully, and integrally, to Tiffany & her mom for our beautiful quiet time mugs and for holding me to it “sis put that date on the calendar!” & for all of my dear friends/destiny helpers/leaders who encouraged, prayed, and pushed me to “go”! I thank the Lord for you. 


Creative Hearts Seek is a community for creative entrepreneurs to be poured into; affirmed, encouraged, refreshed in their identity in Christ. To receive who we are apart from what we make. Hosting prayer & bible study sessions to revive and renew our delight, re-fill our cup for what God has called to do while also providing strategy to help us thrive in business. 

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