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Hello There, 
I'm Sharda, your lifestyle portraiture
& luxury brand photographer

based in Richmond VA and 
Northern VA

Here's the absolute truth! It’s SO much more than just a photo being captured, it’s God who seals these moments in time to remind us of who we are because these joy-filled, ordained moments carry significant memories. It's my heart for you to see your images and feel that emotion over again.  I help you document life's extraordinary pockets of joy & create visuals telling your story beyond the lens. 


 I thought, was only going to be a fun creative release and hobby, but not for long. When I started to take photos of everyday life, (basically vlogging before it became a thing, right?). One of my good friends in the arts saw my photos and asked if I had ever thought about pursuing photography. And that's just it, I started thinking about it and then I realized it was more of a calling, the gift of God to story tell wonder. From weddings, to lifestyle portraits, I fell in love with capturing joy! 


Today I've documented a paramount of legacy, memorable, beautiful, timeless moments that will testify throughout generations to come.



 "I help you document life's extraordinary pockets of joy & create visuals telling your story beyond the lens."

A few of my favorite things...

OK, so here we go. I Love specialty coffee, especially to try different ones around the world make me feel extra bouje. Traveling internationally is such a time of refreshing & inspiration, there's so much to see!  I love baking. It almost like design, creating something sweet from start to finish is so exhilarating!

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My latest work

Here's a sneak peek into my clients joy. we capture imagery that evokes emotions, beauty, boldness, & confidence.

Each moment exudes the glorious authentic you! 



Our heart for you

No matter what your photography needs may be, we delight in delivering timeless, memorable, & glory-filled images to our clients. Our passion for capturing documentary-style stories has resulted in a long list of families, brands, and businesses.

We invite you to explore our site and see which offering tugs at your heart strings.

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